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Company Profile


1991 - YIDA LIYAN CO., LTD. was established.
1996 - Launched brand「Din Lu Mu」vacuumed pack sushi-age series products.
1997 - Imported automatic frying equipment from Japan to produce deep fried tofu
           abura-age, entering a new era.
2005 - Company reorganized, the present president Mr. Tsai Kuo Shen, led the
           professional team in.
2006 - Lead-in the automatic soymilk machine to increase production quality.
           Began producing frozen tofu with bulk package and box package.
2007 - Created the new brand「HONG YUAN SOYA TW」vacuumed pack seasoned
           deep fried sushi-age products and launched the deep fried tofu products.
2009 - Established the machine department to produce customized soymilk and tofu
           equipments, and research new type of soymilk squeezing filter machine.
2010 - New type of squeezing type soymilk filter machine got the Taiwanese pattern
           and promoted to many tofu factories.
2011 - Launched「HONG YUAN SOYA TW」seasoned sushi-age in small package, box
           frozen tofu, bottle soymilk, and box tofu pudding products.
2011 - Direct retail store, Hong Yuan Tofu Shop, set up.
2012 - SOYA THAI CO., LTD. was established, producing soymilk and tofu.


ISO22000 - ISO22000 certificate awarded.
HACCP - HACCP certificate awarded.
HALAL - HALAL certificate awarded.
Food safty certificates

Basic facts of production line

soyfoods, soy porducts

soyfoods, soy porducts
4 Cold Storage Rooms - Store soybeans, semi-products and products etc.
2 Freeze Storage Rooms - Store semi-products and products etc.


◎ Auto washing/soaking tank ◎ Auto soymilk system (Grinding - Cooking - Filtering)
◎ Coagulating machine ◎ pressing machine ◎ Frying machine
◎ Pasteurizing machine ◎ Vacuum packing machine ◎ Soymilk filling machine
◎ Box tofu sealing machine ◎ Metal detector ◎ Air Shower
◎ Constant temperature Incubator ◎ Infrared Moisture Determination Balance
◎ Sterilizer ◎ pH meter ◎ Refractometer ◎ Thermometer


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